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Rick Aster: Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference


Despite my best efforts and the many helpful suggestions of my publishers and editors, every book I’ve written has errors. Check this page for corrections to errors I find in Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference. If you may have found an error that is not listed here, please let me know about it by writing to me at run@globalstatements.com.

Chapter 13, page 150: The second argument for the FIND function is a substring. The FINDC function also uses the K and V option codes.

Corrections for 5th edition

Chapter 5, page 24: The slash (/) is not part of the ARRAY statement syntax.

Chapter 12: The formulas for skewness and kurtosis compute the sample statistics.

Chapter 16, page 171: The PDF or PMF function provides the probability density function for a continuous probability distribution. For a discrete probability distribution, it proves the probability mass function.

Corrections for 4th edition

Page 48: For the LIKE operator, % is the wild-card character that matches any sequence of characters.

Page 110: The PAGESIZE n command sets the standard print file’s page size.

Page 145: ADDRLONG returns a character value.

Page 183: The correct spelling of one of the PROC COMPARE options is NOMISSCOMP.