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Term: type

(tIp') n.

1. a formally defined category within a system of such categories.

2. a particular way of organizing digital data, such as a data type, file type, member type, entry type, or dataset type.

3. Typography. text presented visually using specific letterforms; text as part of a graphic design.


4. to ascertain the type of, by applying a set of rules that distinguish types from each other.


5. to provide text to a computer by pressing the keys on a computer keyboard.

SAS word: TYPE

Dataset option. Ref: PSPPR:Files:Dataset Options. PSPL:Options for SAS Datasets:Dataset Options. SLRD:Data Set Options.

Term: typeface

(tIp' fAs) n.

a visual design for a set of characters that applies elements of style to the general shapes of characters to provide specific exact shapes for each character.

Term: typography

(tI pog' ru fE) n.

the application of visual design to text; the use of type in visual design.

typographic, adj.

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