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SAS word: THEN

Keyword in IF statement.

Keyword in SQL CASE operator.

Term: thin

(thin') adj.

smaller or simpler than usual, with limited functionality.

Term: thin client


1. a small computer that has little or no ability to be configured or expanded and derives most of its capabilities from servers on a network. Most thin clients have no storage devices and no way to install new software.

2. a simple or general-purpose client program that provides access to the specialized or complex capabilities of a server program.

Term: thin server


a server computer of small size and limited ability to be configured.

Term: thread

(thred') n.

a set of actions executed one after another according to the logic of a program. A program may be designed with multiple threads, which run independently of each other, in order to run faster on a multiprocessing computer.


System option. Ref: SLRD:SAS System Options.

Term: thumb

(thum') n.

the part of a scroll bar whose relative position within the scroll bar indicates the current displayed location within a document and which can be dragged to move to another location in the document.

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