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Term: scan

(skan') v.t.

1. to examine by specifically considering each part or element.

2. to create a digital image of using a scanner.


3. the act of scanning.

4. a digital image created by a scanner.

SAS word: SCAN

Function. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. PSPL:Functions and CALL Routines:Character Functions. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

CALL routine. Ref: PSPPR:CALL routines. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

Term: scanner

(skan' ur) n.

a device that creates a digital image of an object placed on or in it.

Term: scanning control


a symbol, as : or &, used to indicate a delimited field in an INPUT statement.


Function. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

CALL routine. Ref: PSPPR:CALL routines. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

Term: schema

(skE' mu) n.

1. a structured framework for understanding or planning something.

2. in XML, a defined set of tags and rules for a specific kind of data.

Term: scientific notation


any of various ways of writing a number as a number multiplied by a power of 10. Also, exponential notation, E-notation.

Term: SCL

(es' sE' el') [SAS Component Language; Screen Control Language in version 6] n.

a programming language of the SAS System used principally for interactive applications.

SAS word: SCL

Entry type. SCL program.

Term: SCL entry

(es' sE' el' en' tri) n.

An AF entry that contains only an SCL program. SCL entries execute separately without a user interface or are executed as the program of a frame entry.

Term: scope

(skOp') n.

the area in which a name is recognized.

Term: score

(sko^r') n.

1. a single numeric measure indicating a quality of a person or object, computed from a set of measurements and indicators.


2. to compute a score for.


SAS/STAT. Procedure. Scoring models.

Term: scorecard

(sko^r' ka:rd) n.

a set of scores intended to reflect the performance of a person or group.

Term: screen

(skrEn') n.

1. a surface on which images are displayed.

2. the video display of a computer.

3. an object that defines the division of the screen into fields in a full-screen user interface.


Entry type. SAS/FSP. Layout and SCL program for an FSEDIT or FSBROWSE window.

Term: Screen Control Language

See SCL.

Term: script

(skript') n.

1. a program written in a scripting language.


2. to program in a scripting language.

Term: scripting language

(skript' ing lang' gwij) n.

a programming language designed for actions that resemble actions that might be taken by a user interacting with a computer or operating system. Many scripting languages are built around operating system commands. Compare macro language, def. 2.

Term: scroll

(skro^l') v.t.&i.

to move to a different part of a displayed document or object. Scrolling makes it possible to display a document or object that is larger than the window or frame that contains it.

scrollable, adj.

Term: scroll bar

(skro^l' ba:r) n.

a control that allows a user to navigate through a document or other object that is taller or wider than the window or frame that contains it. A scroll bar is displayed as a narrow rectangle, usually at the right side or bottom of a window or frame, in which a smaller rectangle (the thumb) moves to indicate what part of the document or object is displayed. The user can scroll by dragging the thumb, clicking before or after the thumb, or clicking forward or backward arrow controls.

Also, scrollbar.


Command. Ref: PSPPR:Display Manager.

Alias, SBAR.

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