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Global statement. Ref: PSPPR:GLobal Statements. PSPL:I/O:Names for Files. SLRD:Statements.

Function. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. PSPL:Low-Level I/O Programming:SAS Dataset I/O Functions. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

Term: library

(lI' bra^r i) n.

1. a set of files stored together and accessed as a group.

2. a set of SAS files stored together and accessed using a collective name (a libref). Also, SAS data library.

3. Z/OS. partitioned dataset.

Term: library engine


an engine that provides access to SAS data libraries and the SAS data files and catalogs contained in the libraries.

Term: libref

(lIb' ref, lib-) n.

a SAS name used to identify a SAS data library within a specific SAS program or session. Librefs can be defined with the LIBNAME statement. Some librefs, such as WORK and SASUSER, are defined automatically.


Function. Tests a libref. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. PSPL:Low-Level I/O Programming:SAS Dataset I/O Functions. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.


SAS/STAT. Procedure. Failure data, parametric estimation.


SAS/STAT. Procedure. Failure data, nonparametric estimation.

Term: ligature

(lig' u chu^r) n.

a letterform for two or more consecutive characters, to provide alternate shapes for these characters when they appear in sequence. Traditional typefaces may provide ligatures for ff, fi, fl, ft, ffi, and ffl.

Term: light emitting diode


a semiconductor diode that emits light when an electric current is applied.

Also, light-emitting diode. Abbr. LED.

SAS word: LIKE

WHERE operator. Ref: PSPPR:Expressions:Operators. PSPL:Constants and Expressions:Operators.

Term: line

(lIn') n.

1. a sequence of characters arranged horizontally.

2. a record in a program file or other text file.

3. a long, narrow mark, or a geometric shape formed as a continuous set of points having only elongation, with no thickness, corners, or curvature.

4. a queue.

SAS word: LINE

SAS/GRAPH. Annotate variable.

Term: linear

(lin' E ur) n.

arranged in one dimension; sequential.

Term: line mode

interactive line mode.

Term: line command


a command that is entered in the line number fields of a text editor window and is applied a line or several consecutive lines of a text file being edited.


System option. Ref: PSPPR:System Options. PSPL:Print Output:Print Files and Pages. SLRD:SAS System Options. Alias, LS.

(lingk'), v.t.

to combine compiled routines to create an executable program.

linker (lingk' ur), n. A linker may be a separate program or a component of a compiler.

SAS word: LINK

Data step statement. Ref: PSPPR:Data step statements. PSPL:Control Flow:Logical Constructions. SLRD:Statements.

Term: Linux

(lin' uks, lIn'-) n.

an operating system developed as an open source project in the late 1990s, based on a kernel by Linus Torvalds, designed to be mostly compatible with Unix. Linux is the operating system used on most Internet servers.

Term: liquid crystal diode


a segment of liquid crystal used as a diode that absorbs light in varying degrees depending on the electric current that is applied.

Abbr. LCD.

SAS word: LIST

Data step statement. Ref: PSPPR:Data step statements. PSPL:Control Flow:Shaping the Observation Loop. SLRD:Statements.

Display Manager window. Alias for LISTING.

Term: list ID

SCL. n.

an integer value that identifies an SCL list.

Term: listing

(list' ing) n.

print file.


Display Manager window. Standard print file. Ref: PSPPR:Display Manager.

Term: list input


input of a variable from a text file, reading the value from a field that is delimited by spaces or another delimiter character. In an INPUT statement, a variable name without an associated informat or modifier indicates list input.

Term: list output


output of a variable to a text file, writing the value with leading and trailing spaces removed and skipping a characer position after the value. In a PUT statement, a variable name with no associated format indicates list output.


Global statement. Ref: PSPPR:Global Statements. PSPL:Execution:Session.

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Global Statements Dictionary

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