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Term: label

(lA' bul) n.

1. a short description associated with an object, such as a variable or SAS dataset.

2. statement label.

3. the text associated with a range in a value format.

4. the value associated with a range in a value informat.


5. to associate a label with.


Data/proc step statement. Sets label attributes of variables. Ref: PSPPR:Data Step Statements; Proc Step Statements. PSPL:Variables and Values:Variables and Attributes. SLRD:Statements.

Dataset option. Sets dataset label. Ref: PSPPR:Files:Dataset Options. PSPL:Options for SAS Datasets:Dataset Options. SLRD:Data Set Options.

System option. Allows procedures to use label attributes to identify variables in print output. Ref: PSPPR:System Options. PSPL:Print Output:Proc Step Output. SLRD:SAS System Options.

CALL routine. Ref: PSPPR:CALL Routines. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

SAS/GRAPH. Annotate function.

SAS word: LAG

Function. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. PSPL:Functions and CALL Routines:Other Categories of Functions. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.


Function. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

Term: laser

(lA' zur) n.

an electrical device that generates light or other electromagnetic energy that has a single frequency and is oriented in a single direction. Lasers are used for reading and writing optical disks.

SAS word: LAST

First level of two-level automatic variable names in the data step. Ref: PSPPR:Expressions:Variables. PSPL:Variables and Values:Values.


SAS/STAT. Procedure. Analysis of lattice experiments.

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