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SAS word: HOME

Command. Ref: PSPPR:Display Manager.

Term: home page


1. a web page that contains links to other pages and is intended as a starting point, such as the primary page of a web site or the page that a user selects to be shown automatically when a web browser launches.

2. a web site, especially a personal web site.

Term: host

(hOst') n.

1. the computer where a program or file is located.

2. the operating system in which a program executes.


3. to be the host of.


4. belonging to or characteristic of the host.

Term: hot

(hot') adj.

enabling a user action that changes immediately from one mode to another.

Term: hot key


a function key that switches between modes.

SAS word: HOUR

Function. Ref: PSPPR:Functions. PSPL:Functions and CALL Routines:Time Computation. SLRD:Functions and CALL Routines.

Format. Ref: PSPPR:Formats:Time Formats. PSPL:Informats and Formats:Time Fields. SLRD:Formats.

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