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(hed' ur) n.

1. one or several records at the beginning of a file, containing general or identifying information about the data in the file. Also, header record.

2. heading.

3. the beginning part of a markup file, containing general information about the document.

Term: heading

(hed' ing) n.

identifying text at the top of a table, column, page, etc.

SAS word: HELP

Entry type. AF entry that displays text.


System option. Ref: PSPPR:System Options. SLRD:SAS System Options.

Term: hertz

(hurts') n.

a unit of frequency equal to one repetition or cycle per second.

Abbr. Hz.

Term: Hewlett-Packard


an electronics and computer equipment manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California.

Abbr. HP.

Term: hex

(heks') adj. Informal.


SAS word: HEX

Format. Hexadecimal. Ref: PSPPR:Formats:Numeric Formats. PSPL:Informats and Formats:Numeric Fields. SLRD:Formats.

Informat. Hexadecimal. Ref: PSPPR:Informats:Numeric Informats. PSPL:Informats and Formats:Numeric Fields. SLRD:Informats.

Term: hexadecimal

(heks' u de' si mul) adj.

1. using a base sixteen number system; using sixteen digits, usually written as 0-9 and A-F, to represent numbers.

2. using two hexadecimal digits to represent each byte of data. This approach is often used when it is necessary to write binary data using text characters.

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