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Term: e

(E') n.

a mathematical number defined as a definite integral from 0 to 1 of 1/t, approximately 2.718281828459045. e is the base of the exponential function and common logarithms.

Term: e-

(E') Prefix.

electronic; based on computer data formats: e-mail; e-commerce; e-learning; e-business; e-service; e-government; e-paper; e-cash. Also, E-.

SAS word: E

Line command. Ref: PSPPR:Display Manager.

Format. Scientific notation. Ref: PSPPR:Formats:Numeric Formats. PSPL:Informats and Formats:Numeric Fields. SLRD:Formats.

Informat. Alias for F.

Separates mantissa from exponent in scientific notation. Ref: PSPPR:Expressions:Constants. PSPL:Constants and Expressions:Constants.

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Global Statements Dictionary

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