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SAS word: AS

SQL keyword. Name or alias.


(as' ki) [American Standard Code for Information Interchange] n.

1. the standard character encoding used on most computers and in most communication between computers. The ASCII character set associates specific character forms with the numbers 0-127.


2. using ASCII encoding.

Term: ASCII file

(as' ki fIl) n.

a text file that contains ASCII characters.

Term: ASP

(A' es' pE') n.

application service provider.

Term: assemble

(u sem' bl) v.t.

1. to combine or connect the parts of.

2. to convert a program written in assembly language to machine language.

assembly, n.

Term: assembler

(u sem' blur) n.

1. a program that converts assembly language to machine language.

2. assembly language.

Term: assembly language

(u sem' bli lang' gwij) n.

a programming language that uses words and arguments to represent the individual instructions of a machine language.

Term: assign

(u sIn') v.t.

1. to change the value of a variable to (a particular value).

2. to associate a specific object or person with a specific place, node, role, task, etc. in a model, system, or plan.


SAS/OR. Procedure. Network cost model.

Term: assignment

(u sIn' mint) n.

the action or process of assigning.

Term: assignment statement

(u sIn' mint stAt' mint) n.

A statement that assigns a value to a variable. An assignment statement is written with the variable as its first term and an equals sign as its second term.

Term: assume

(u sOOm') v.t.

to treat facts, not known with certainty or not completely accurate, as true in order to create an abstract model or for the purposes of an analysis or plan.

assumption (u sUmp' shun), n.

Term: asterisk

(as' tur isk) n.

the character *, used to indicate multiplication, crossing, repetition, wild card characters, all possible values, etc.

Term: asymmetric

(A' si me' trik) n.

lacking symmetry.

Term: asymmetry

(A' sim' e trE') n.

1. an absence of symmetry.

2. a specific feature that makes an object or shape lack symmetry.


System option. Ref: PSPPR:System Options. SLRD:SAS System Options.

Term: asynchronous

(A' sing' kru nus) adj.

not synchronous; proceeding without reference to other events occuring at the same time.

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