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Term: API

[application programming interface] n.

a documented set of function calls for use in application programming to accomplish tasks related to a certain kind of object, device, process, etc.

Also, api.

Term: apostrophe

(u pos' tru fE') n.

the character ', used in SAS as a single quote and in natural language to form contractions and possessives.

Term: append

(u pend') v.t.&i.

1. to add objects or data to the end of a composite object.

2. to add characters to the end of a character variable or value.

3. to add records, fields, or characters to the end of a text file, print file, or data file.

4. to add observations to the end of a SAS data file.


Procedure. Ref: PSPPR:Expressions:Operators. PSPL:Constants and Expressions:Operators. SPG.

System option. UNIX. Ref: PSPPR:System Options.

Term: Apple

(ap' l) n.

a computer manufacturer based in Cupertino, CA, makers of Macintosh computers and the Mac operating system.

Term: AppleScript

(ap' l skript') n.

a scripting language designed by Apple to communicate with applications in the Mac operating system.


System option. Ref: PSPPR:System Options.

Term: application

(ap' li kA' shun) n.

1. a specific area of use for a technology.

2. a program that provides its own primary sequence of execution, as distinguished from a program that derives its primary sequence of execution from another program, such as the operating system or the SAS application.

3. applications program.

4. AF application.

5. a formal request for a decision, written on a form provided for that purpose.

Term: application programming interface

see API.

Term: application service provider


a company that operates application programs on its servers for the use of its customers, usually over the Internet.

Abbr. ASP.

There are dozens of startup ASPs offering low prices for hosting complex, labor-intensive applications, hoping to quickly build a reputation and lure more clients. But the business model is hard to sustain, and analysts expect to see more ASPs running out of cash soon. ["On Shaky Ground," Information Week, Feb. 19, 2001]

Term: applications program

(ap' li kA' shunz prO' gram) n.

1. a program that a user executes to accomplish a task. Also, application program. Compare systems program.

2. application (def. 2).

applications programming, n.

Term: application workspace

Microsoft Windows, OS/2. n.

an application’s primary window, containing the various windows of the application.

Abbr. AWS.

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