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SAS word: AF

Command. Ref: PSPPR:Display Manager.

Term: AF application

(A' ef' ap' li kA' shun) n.

a program constructed as a set of AF entries. AF applications are created with SAS/AF and executed with the AF command in base SAS. Typically, AF applications process data in a way that is controlled or initiated by user interaction.

Term: AF entry

(A' ef' en' tri) n.

any of the various kinds of programs that are created by SAS/AF, stored as entries, and executed with the AF command or with SCL statements. These include frame, program, menu, CBT, and SCL entries.

SAS word: AFR

Language prefix for format or informat. Afrikaans. Ref: NLS:Formats for NLS. PSPL:Informats and Formats:Time Fields. PSPPR:Informats:Time Informats. PSPPR:Formats:Time Formats.

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