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SAS/STAT. Procedure. Cluster shapes.

Term: access

(ak' ses) v.t.

1. to retrieve, store, or change (the data of a file, volume, device, object, etc.).


2. the ability to access data.

3. the process of accessing data.

4. permission to access data.

5. the connection, mechanism, etc., by which data is accessed.


Member type. Access descriptor.

SAS/ACCESS. Procedure.

Term: access descriptor

(ak' ses di skrip' tr) SAS/ACCESS. n.

a SAS file that contains a description of a database table. An access descriptor makes it possible to create a view descriptor.

Term: across variable

REPORT procedure. n.

a variable whose values form groups of observations for analysis, with each group appearing in a separate column in the report.

Term: action

(ak' shun) n.

1. something done or performed; a movement or change that follows an intention or decision.

2. a change in the value or state of an object in a computer program, as indicated in a program statement.

3. a statement or block that is executed conditionally in a control flow statement.

4. an instance of input from the user of a program.

Term: action key


function key.

Term: activate

(ak' tiv At') v.t.

to make active.

Term: active

(ak' tiv) adj.

(of a window, menu, etc.) currently interacting with the user. The active window is displayed in front of other windows and responds to user actions such as typing, function keys, and commands.

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