Crossword #7 Hints

Ready for the World

A4	The singer of “Safety Dance” wore this on his head
A14	Reverse of D66
A16	Same as A50
A18	Or, what a rock band calls a slow song it plays
A33	The shape of a race track
A44	Vehicle
A47	Presidential candidate Gore’s theme song “You Can Call Me __”
A50	Same as A16
A60	Abbr. in street names
D5	Comes before bit, ion, leans
D20	This font variation is used for book and movie titles
D48	Wherever you go, there you ___.
D54	Combines with A47 to form the most common continuous probability distribution
D66	In May 2010, an Orianthi concert was featured on the home page of this California clothing designer

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