Crossword #4 Hints


A19	A slippery liquid
A28	Or, might be a keyless entry device
A33	Or, publisher of sports video games
A43	Could also follow minimizin'
A44	Also, a plains state
A45	The boot version of this contains a computer’s startup sequence
A47	It’s a cabinet-level department in Washington
A49	Main, for example
A54	Or, jazz lingo for drum set
A65	Latin, new
A66	This proc computes estimates for limited dependent variables
A70	Lucky miners find the mother ____
D2	Opposite of maxi
D5	No mess, no ____
D8	Gives new meaning to the sentence "___ me!"
D14	Sounds like it could be about weaving
D26	Scrubs
D29	Or, something that is multiplied
D61	A language created by IBM
D62	Their biggest hit was "Don’t Bring Me Down"

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©2011 Rick Aster.