Crossword #1 Hints

Time and Place

A19	The name is also an action verb for a bomb
A55	In SAS/ETS, it addresses the recurring nature of time series data
D1	At another time and place, the first three letters of this function name might catch mice
D3	An April 1 observance honors this type of person
D7	Or, in one Rolling Stones hit, they were going to this place
D22	It’s a document file you can create with the ODS Printer driver
D24	An option in the INDEX CREATE statement controls how often these are updated
D27	Some forms of this stone are prized for their unusual optical properties
D37	Or, at NESUG 16 - 2003, a situation that could prevent you from entering the Metro
D45	It sounds like a Russian space station, but it’s just an ordinary English word

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