Rick Aster

The Programming Process

SAS Programming for All Types

Each of the four Gregorc mind styles has its strengths and weaknesses in connection with SAS programming.

Learning about SAS Programming

Different people learn in different ways.

Colorizing SCL Programs

Use color to make SCL programs easier to read and maintain.

SAS Features

HTML As a Document Format

HTML output from ODS is useful for much more than just web pages.

Understanding HTML Output Parts

ODS creates several kinds of HTML files. Here’s how they go together.

It’s Later Than It Is: Rounding of Clock Values in SAS Formats

The rounding that SAS formats apply to clock values can make a data value appear to be later than it is. One easy way to avoid this is by using picture formats.

The End of the Line: Options

If the data is longer than the record in a text file, these are your options.


The Dictionary Page Project

Two SAS programs created the original empty web pages for Global Statements Dictionary, including the links on each page to the next and previous pages.

The Character Set Project

Use these programs to create character encoding tables that show SAS’s interpretation of ASCII and EBCDIC character data in your SAS environment.