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Rick Aster

Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts

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978-1-891957-19-2 3RD EDITION 45.00 (US)

The “shortcuts” that make up this book are ways of doing complicated things with data by using simple combinations of SAS features. Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts is packed with tips and techniques for making the most of SAS.

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Editions 1–2 contain most of the same chapters found in the 3rd edition, along with chapters on efficiency and user interface programming. The first edition (2002) is preferred for programmers working in SAS 8. The second edition (2005) is suitable for use with SAS 8.2–9.3 and is preferred for programmers working in SAS 9.1.

The third edition (2012) is updated for SAS 9.2 and 9.3 and has an increased emphasis on exporting data and results to the Internet and desktop.