SASware 2007 Voters Focus on Datasets

Easier SAS dataset handling was the theme of the SASware 2007 ballot. While SAS users voted for a wide range of enhancements on the ballot, the top 10 was dominated by requests related to SAS datasets.

The results were presented at SAS Global Forum 2007, held in Orlando, Florida, April 16–19.

The top selection on the ballot was a request for abbreviated lists of SAS datasets in the SET statement. The #2 selection would enhance the DATASETS procedure, adding the ability to change the order of variables after a SAS dataset has been created.

Three more of the top 10 ballot items focused on easier handling of SAS datasets in the Viewtable application and the APPEND procedure.

The REPORT procedure and Enhanced Editor also drew the attention of voters, collecting 4 and 3 of the top 20, respectively. The complete results can be seen at the SAS Customer Support Center.

Also at SAS Global Forum, the SAS Global Users Group announced a community-based web site, somewhat resembling a wiki, at The site initially had only a smattering of content, but it is expected to grow as SAS community members add ideas and information.

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