Limited Support For Microsoft Windows Vista With SAS 9.1.3 SP4

SAS is providing limited support for Microsoft Windows Vista in SAS 9.1.3 SP4.

A limited set of SAS products are officially supported for the business-oriented releases of Microsoft Windows Vista. SAS 9.1.3 SP4 also supports Internet Explorer 7. The supported products are sufficient to cover most SAS programs found in most businesses.

Significantly, SAS Learning Edition and Enterprise Guide are not yet supported in Microsoft Windows Vista. Also, SAS does not recommend converting any existing personal computer to Microsoft Windows Vista, as most older computers lack the hardware required for the new operating system.

SAS had previously announced that a forthcoming release, identified as SAS 9.2, would provide full support for Microsoft Windows Vista. There has so far been no announcement of new versions of Enterprise Guide or SAS Learning Edition that would support Microsoft Windows Vista. Also, at this point there is no support for Microsoft Office 2007.

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