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Rick Aster

Author biography from Professional SAS Programming Logic (2000)

Rick Aster is a SAS programmer whose dedication and hard work have changed the way the world works with data. In his own work, Aster has applied his SAS programming skills to public finance, drug safety, corporate mergers, insurance, inventory control, biotechnology, and human resources, among many other subject areas. Projects he has worked on include customer data warehouses for some of the world’s largest banks and an econometric model to pinpoint the local impacts of global economic changes. In his consulting, teaching, and writing, Aster has always stood for bringing the information power of SAS programming to everyone. His disciplined, creative approach, numerous innovations, and outspoken advocacy have helped to bring SAS programming the recognition it deserves — and have brought Aster recognition as the leading expert in the SAS programming field. Professional SAS Programming Logic is his fifth book on the subject. Aster lives in a farmhouse in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. He is a musician, distance runner, philosopher, and sports photographer.

Rick Aster